Change Happens and Houston BCycle to Launch the GO Pass, a $3 per Month Bike Share Membership with Cash Payment


HOUSTON, TX–Change Happens!, a community-based social service nonprofit located in Third Ward, and Houston BCycle, the city’s nonprofit-run 635-bike, 99-station bike share system, are teaming up to launch a pilot project centered around an affordable bike share membership called the GO Pass.

The GO Pass will only cost users $3.00 per month, with both cash and credit card payments made available to those eligible. The standard monthly fee for BCycle membership is $13.00.

GO Pass members will be able to ride to and from all 99 bike share stations in the BCycle system and take unlimited 90-minute rides on the shared bikes. Nearby BCycle stations in Third Ward include Change Happens!, Project Row Houses, Emancipation Park, Texas Southern University (5 stations), and University of Houston (6 stations).

GO Pass eligibility requirements will include:

  • A self-reported annual income of $35,000 or less.

  • A verifiable phone number.

  • 18 years of age.

  • At least $3 in cash or credit card payment for the first month (additional months will be available for purchase).

In order to purchase a GO Pass, a prospective rider will need to visit Change Happens! headquarters in Third Ward (3353 Elgin, Houston, TX 77004) during the hours of 10AM-4PM on weekdays. During those hours, GO Pass ambassadors will be available to field questions, process sign ups, and provide a demonstration at the BCycle station outside of the building.

Funding for the GO Pass launch is provided in part by a $7,500.00 mini-grant from the Better Bike Share Partnership, a nonprofit organization dedicated to boosting equity among bike share systems across the country. The GO Pass model itself is modeled after Cincinnati RedBike’s affordable membership option of the same name.

The GO Pass pilot program is set to run for six months. At that time, Change Happens! and Houston BCycle will evaluate the project, make any needed adjustments and seek additional partnerships in underserved neighborhoods beyond Third Ward.

Change Happens!, The Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation Project, and Houston BCycle, will be hosting a Cookout & Launch Party  to kick off the GO Pass program and the 3rd Ward BIG Program, a program that champions collective capacity and resident empowerment, at Change Happens! on August 24th, 2019 from 12:00PM to 4:00PM. 

"It takes a village to change a community–one block at a time. We’re calling on all Third Ward residents to come out and learn about the Block Improvement Group (B.I.G.) on Saturday." said Rev. Linda Davis, Pastor of Boynton United Methodist Church.

The event will include food from Ray’s BBQ, free sno-cones and an inflatable slip-n-slide for children, tables from local vendors, group bike rides, and speakers from representatives of the two participating nonprofits, the City of Houston’s Planning and Development Department, as well as Harris County Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis. 

"We are thrilled to have a BCycle station on-site at our organization's headquarters in Third Ward," said Change Happens! CEO Helen Stagg. "As an organization that is committed to fostering empowerment and independence among Houstonians and Third Ward residents, we can't wait to get more people using bike share.”

“Our station will allow riders to connect with stations at other neighborhood fixtures like TSU, Project Row Houses, and Emancipation Park, providing a sustainable and healthy way for residents to travel through our neighborhood and beyond.  Not only is this a wonderful opportunity to make bike share more accessible, it will ultimately help improve the quality of life for Third Ward residents." 

About Houston BCycle

Houston BCycle currently provides bike share services from 99 stations and 635 bikes across Central Houston neighborhoods. The system is operated by Houston Bike Share, a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to provide equitable access to bike share that fosters recreation, mobility and personal wellness. Learn more at

About Change Happens!

Change Happens! is a nonprofit that transforms the lives of families and children in high-risk communities of the Gulf Coast Region 6. We provide a variety of programs that reflect our mission to empower people to help themselves. Change Happens! relies on support from individuals, foundations, grantors, and corporations interested in improving communities and the lives of families. When it comes to family-focused nonprofits, Change Happens! is a premier provider of services designed to bring positive change to communities.

About Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation Project

The Northern Third Ward Neighborhood Implementation Project is a community development initiative, funded by the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation, that directly responds to the rapidly changing neighborhood dynamics of the Historic Third Ward, covering areas of Housing, Education, Economic Development, Neighborhood Building, and Families, Children and Seniors. The project is driven by community stakeholders who are committed to actualizing the vision, goals, and desired interventions expressed in the resident-driven neighborhood plan.

About 3rd Ward BIG Program

The 3rd Ward Block Improvement Group (BIG) is a resident community network group that is informed, connected, actively engaged and empowered to organize and improve the physical and social fabric of the community, block by block.

‘Leaders making BIG Changes, one block at a time.’

Henry Morris