Student Memberships Houston BCycle

Student/Staff Memberships


Student and Staff Memberships are available for $25 per semester, and $10 in the Summer. Membership fees are prorated in order to allow for late signups, so it always works out to $5 per month.

Just like our Monthly and Annual Members, Student/Staff Members get unlimited hour-long rides throughout the entire system, on-campus and off.

If you take a ride that lasts over an hour, you will be charged $3 for every 30 minutes until you return the BCycle. To avoid overage charges, simply dock your bike before the hour is up, and check out another!

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Grab your school-specific promo code below.

  2. Make sure you know your official school email address.

  3. Click here to sign up.

  4. Click “Student/Staff Membership” and then “Have a promo code?.”

  5. Apply the promo code and .edu email and continue with payment.

If you’re already a Houston BCycle Member, make sure you switch the email address associated with your account to your school email address. Otherwise, the discount won’t work!

Spring Membership Promo Codes:

Baylor College of Medicine ( - BCMSPRING1



Rice University ( - RICESPRING1

South Texas College of Law ( - STCLSPRING1

Texas A&M ( - TAMSPRING1

Texas Southern University ( - TSUSPRING1

Texas Southern University ( - TSUSPRING2

University of Houston ( - UHSPRING1

University of Houston Downtown ( - UHDSPRING1

University of Houston Downtown ( - UHDSPRING2

University of St. Thomas ( - USTSPRING1

UT Health Science Center ( - UTHSPRING1

UT MD Anderson ( - MDASPRING1

Membership Periods:

Fall Membership | Expires December 31
Spring Membership | Expires May 31
Summer Membership | Expires July 31