Student Memberships Houston BCycle

Student/Staff Discounts


Student and staff discounts are available for our Annual Membership option. The discount is for a $60 Annual Membership, which works out to $5 per month, paid in a one-time, annual fee.

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Grab your school-specific promo code below.

  2. Make sure you know your official school email address.

  3. Click here to sign up. (If you’re already a member, log in, and click “renew.”)

  4. Click “Annual Membership” and then “Have a promo code?.”

  5. Enter your school’s promo code and your .edu email, hit apply, and then continue with entering your payment information.

    • Make sure that your billing zip code is correct–it autofills from your mailing address, and sometimes those aren’t the same!

If you’re already a Houston BCycle Member, make sure you switch the email address associated with your account to your school email address. Otherwise, the discount won’t work!

Student/Staff Membership Promo Codes:

Baylor College of Medicine ( - BCMBIKE

HCCS Student ( - HCCSBIKE1


Prairie View A&M University ( - PVAMUBIKE

Rice University Student ( - RICEBIKE1

Rice University Staff ( - RICEBIKE2

South Texas College of Law ( - STCLBIKE

Texas A&M ( - TAMBIKE

Texas Southern University Student ( - TSUBIKE1

Texas Southern University Staff ( - TSUBIKE2

University of Houston ( - UHBIKE

UH–Downtown Student ( - UHDBIKE1

UH–Downtown Staff ( - UHDBIKE2

University of St. Thomas ( - USTBIKE

UTHealth ( - UTHBIKE

UT MD Anderson ( - MDABIKE

Just like our Monthly and Annual Members, Student and staff members get unlimited hour-long rides throughout our entire system, on-campus and off.

If you take a ride that lasts over an hour, you will be charged $3 for every 30 minutes until you return the BCycle. To avoid overage charges, simply dock your bike before the hour is up, and check out another!