Student Memberships Houston BCycle

Student/Staff Memberships


Student and Staff Memberships are available for $25 per semester, and $10 in the Summer. Membership fees are prorated, in order to allow for late signups, so it always works out to $5 per month.

Here’s how you sign up:

  1. Grab your school-specific promo code below.

  2. Make sure you know your official school email address.

  3. Sign up using the promo code and your school email address.

If you’re already a Houston BCycle Member, make sure you switch the email address associated with your account to your school email address. Otherwise, the discount won’t work!

Fall Membership Promo Codes:

Baylor College of Medicine - BCMFALL1

HCCS (Students) - HCCSFALL1


Rice University - RICEFALL1

South Texas College of Law - STCLFALL1

Texas Southern University (Students) - TSUFALL1

Texas Southern University (Staff) - TSUFALL2

University of Houston - UHFALL1

University of Houston Downtown (Students) - UHDFALL1

University of Houston Downtown (Staff) - UHDFALL2

University of St. Thomas - USTFALL1

UT Health Science Center - UTHFALL1

Membership Periods:

Fall Membership | August 1 - December 31
Spring Membership | January 1 - May 31
Summer Membership | June 1 - July 31